Epoxy paint uses for protecting swimming pools

Best Epoxy Paint for Swimming Pool

Epotec epoxy coating is a two-pack coating which features a resin and a hardener. The two packs when mixed together produce a strong cross-linked polymer structure which strongly attaches to the surface on which it is applied. This structure when applied on the inner walls of swimming pool, prevents water penetration of the shell structure of the pool. The two pack Epotec epoxy paint coating is available with reputed epoxy paint suppliers.

Epoxy paint coating is highly suitable for fiberglass pools, fiberglass lined concrete pools, marblesheen pools and pebblecrete pools. The epoxy paint uses for various types of swimming pools have been mentioned here.

Fibreglass swimming pools

The epoxy paint for fiberglass swimming pools forms a hard and durable coating which bonds permanently with the surface. Epotec epoxy paint is long lasting with a life span of 7-14 years. It is also not affected by chemicals and UV rays of the sun. These are the reasons why Epotec epoxy paint is a favorable choice for resurfacing of fiberglass swimming pools.

Concrete pools lined with fiberglass

The reinforced concrete shell of a swimming pool can also be lined with a layer of fiberglass. The fiberglass layer can be incorporated either after the construction of the pool or during the initial construction. Epoxy paint coating can be applied on such swimming pools for superior protection. However, fiberglass lined swimming pools have a number of issues that can be prevented by the application of epoxy paint coating. The various issues have been listed here.

  • Fiberglass layer becomes detached from the concrete surface. This makes the concrete vulnerable to algae growth and water penetration.
  • Worn-out fiberglass layers at certain points in the pool.
  • Areas on the concrete where entire pieces of fiberglass are missing may also be encountered.
  • Continuous unbroken layer of fiberglass which is not attached to the concrete underneath it.

Epoxy paint coating can be applied on fiberglass lined swimming pools to prevent the occurrence of any of the above mentioned defects. In case of swimming pools which have already suffered these problems, the epoxy coating can only be applied after a complete rectification of the various issues. In other words, the surface needs to be well prepared for successful application and function of epoxy coating.

Marblesheen pools

Marblesheen pools basically concrete pools given finishing using marblesheen. Marblesheen is a mixture of crushed marble chips and white cement. The mixture is put on the concrete structure to give smooth and white finish. The marblesheen becomes worn out over a period of time and can also get damaged due to the chemicals present in the water and algae growth. As a result, cracks and worn out areas develop on the marblesheen surface. Marblesheen can also become loose and even break away completely from the concrete. Epoxy paint coating protects the marblesheen finish and enhances its life. However, it is important to check the marblesheen surface for some common problems such as algae roots, calcium residues, worn-out areas, missing parts, soft spots and rust before application of the epoxy coating.

Pebblecrete pools

Pebblecrete is a mixture of smooth pebbles and cement which is used as to give finish to concrete pools. Such pools can also be upgraded using epoxy coating to prevent various issues caused due to general wear and tear and harmful effect of water.


The epoxy paint prices for a swimming pool can be obtained by a free quote offered by the suppliers on the basis of the pool dimensions and quantity.