Epoxy for Pools Australia for best waterproofing

Epoxy for Pools Australia for best waterproofing
Epoxy for Pools Australia for best waterproofing

Waterproofing the swimming pool is a major concern for pool owners and cannot be discounted. This is because water seeping into the main structure of the swimming pool through the porous non-waterproofed inner surfaces cause significant damages leading to astronomical repair costs. The abundance of chemicals used in swimming pool water for purification also makes the pool water much more dangerous for the swimming pool structure. Out of many kinds of waterproofing finish, paint is the best choice. Paint has a smooth surface, is easy to maintain and durable. All these facts make paint an ideal choice for swimming pool waterproofing. Epotec epoxy pool paint Sydney is a high quality swimming pool paint which provides best waterproofing against pool water.

How to mix epotec?

Epotec Epoxy for Pools Australia comes in the form of packs having 2 cans. One can with a capacity of 4 liters contains 2.5 kgs resin while the other can with a capacity of 500 ml contains 0.5 kg hardener. The can containing the hardener is emptied into the can containing the resin. Thereafter, the hardener and the resin are mixed together with the help of a plastic hand mixer. Slow movements are used to mix the contents properly in the can. If some hardener remains in the can then it is also put in the resin and mixed. The final mixture is of a uniform colour with homogeneity. The mixture is allowed to stand for 10 minutes. Epotec thinners can be added to the mixture if necessary. The mixture is then ready for application.

A professional Pool painter Perth correctly mixes the paint and applies it using the correct techniques with the help of brushes or rollers.

Waterproofing action in swimming pools

Epotec coating attaches firmly to the concrete surface to form a solid barrier against water. Thus, it is a perfect concrete swimming pool paint for waterproofing. Concrete swimming pools feature steel reinforcements which have to be protected against water to prevent corrosion and concrete cancer causing structural damage to the swimming pool. The epotec coating prevents the passage of both liquid and gaseous molecules of water through the inner surfaces of the pool thereby protecting the steel reinforcements against pool water. Epotec is a good choice for waterproofing at the time of concrete swimming pool repairs to prevent recurrence of problems caused by bad or absence of waterproofing.

Fiberglass swimming pool is made of fiberglass strands and resin and has a coloured finishing of the inner surface called gel coat. Development of brown spots indicating oxidation, algae growth, osmosis spots and other kinds of signs of damage indicate that the gel coat may not be fulfilling it waterproofing function properly leading to rotting of the fiberglass shell of the swimming pool. In such cases, epotec epoxy coating can be applied on the inner surface to replace the gel coat. Proper repairing of the gel coat must be undertaken prior to upgrading it with epotec.

Thus, epoxy painting Sydney can be used for waterproofing both concrete as well as fiberglass swimming pools and their many variants.

Price of epotec

The price of epotec paint is dependent upon length, breadth and depth of the swimming pool along with the volume of paint required for the purpose. Free price quote is available for the customers.



When looking for pool waterproofing paint, it is necessary to look for efficient and long lasting paints. Epotec epoxy paint scores high on all parameters.

Efficient pool waterproofing with Epoxy for Pools Australia

Waterproofing with Epoxy Paint

Tiles and other kinds of finishes to protect the swimming pool structures from water invasion can now be replaced with waterproof paint. Paint has several advantages over conventional finishing which makes it a much better choice for swimming pool waterproofing. Epotec paint is one such Epoxy for Pools Australia which has been specifically manufactured to remain immersed in pool water and withstand all kinds of chemicals and other elements present in the water without disintegrating. Thus, this is a pool grade epoxy paint which is different from general epoxies.

Facts about waterproofing function of epotec

Epotec is a hard wearing paint which can be used as a concrete swimming pool paint. Concrete swimming pools have steel reinforcements which have to be protected from pool water to prevent corrosion and other kinds of water damage. This is essential because damage to steel reinforcements compromises the structural integrity of a concrete swimming pool. Epotec pool paint firmly attaches to the concrete surface of the inner walls of a concrete swimming pool and forms a strong barrier against water molecules in both liquid and gaseous forms. Thus, there is no risk of water penetrating the concrete surface and reaching the steel reinforcements. Epotec paint can be used for waterproofing at the time of construction a new concrete swimming pool or during concrete swimming pool repairs of damaged pools.

Apart from conventional concrete swimming pools, Epotec epoxy pool paint Sydney is also a very useful waterproofing option for fiberglass lined concrete swimming pools. Fiberglass lining attached to concrete swimming pools often detach from the concrete surface causing the surface to be exposed to pool water, algae and dirt. Worn out fiberglass layers also make the concrete vulnerable to water invasion. Epotec pool paint can be used for waterproofing such swimming pools. Prior to applying the epotec paint, it is essential to eliminate algae growth and dirt from the concrete surface. There is a process of preparation of the surface which must be done before applying epotec paint. A professional Pool painter Perth would know about the correct process for surface preparation required for application of epotec paint. Epotec pool paint can also be used for waterproofing swimming pools having pebblecrete or marblesheen finishing.

The gel coat of fiberglass swimming pools can be also be upgraded by epotec epoxy painting Sydney when it is worn out and loses its waterproofing ability. This is essential to protect the fiberglass shell of the swimming pools.

Thus, epotec epoxy pool paint finds use in a plethora of swimming pools for waterproofing.

How to repair epotec?

Epotec pool paint forms a very tough coating and cannot be damaged easily. However, in rare occasions, the epotec coating can undergo mechanical damage, hydrostatic pressure damage and osmosis damage. The epotec can be repaired without the need to empty the swimming pool if the damaged area measures about 1 square feet. The amount of epotec paint required depends upon the extent of damage. Surface preparation is necessary for recoating. The new coating of epotec pool paint stands out from rest of the coated areas but blends in with the existing epotec over a period of time.

The cause of the damage must also be determined. For example, if the damage to epotec has been caused by osmosis or hydrostatic pressure then it is necessary to first repair the cause before recoating.



Versatility, ease of application and simple repairing process along with other benefits makes epotec pool paint the ideal choice for pool waterproofing.

Highly efficient epoxy pool paint NSW for waterproofing

Epoxy pool paint for waterproofing
Epoxy pool paint for waterproofing

The inner walls of swimming pools tend to get worn out and cracked over the years. Algae growth is also a major problem which leads to the weakening of the inner walls of the swimming pools. This leads to water penetration and subsequent damage to the structure of the swimming pool. In order to prevent this, a waterproof coating to protect the inner walls is required. Epotec epoxy pool paint NSW is the best paint coating for swimming pools available in the market. The epotec epoxy paint has many advantages which makes it a suitable swimming pool resurfacing product.

Chief uses

Epotec epoxy paint is used for waterproofing both concrete swimming pools and fiberglass swimming pools along with their variants.

Epotec is a suitable concrete swimming pool paint NSW. Concrete swimming pools require waterproofing. This is because the pool water can penetrate the inner walls of a concrete swimming pool to reach the steel reinforcements used in the outer shell of the pool. Water damage of the steel reinforcements such as corrosion or concrete cancer leads to a structural collapse of the shell causing grave damage to the swimming pool. A coating of epotec paint forms a barrier between the pool water and the surface of the inner walls of the pool. The coating keeps away water molecules in both liquid as well as vapor form.

Epotec Epoxy Paint for Fiberglass Australia is also available for waterproofing fiberglass swimming pools. Fiberglass swimming pools comes in a plethora of sizes and shapes and is widely used by people. The inner surface of fiberglass swimming pools has a blue coloured finish called gel coat. The problem arises when the gel coat becomes weak due to algae growth, osmosis, black spots and general wear and tear. As a result, it is not able to prevent pool water from reaching the outer semi-transparent fiberglass shell of the pool and damaging it. In such cases, the gel coat needs to be rejuvenated by applying a coat of epotec pool paint. Epotec provides a strong and durable coating which protects the gel coat for as long as 14 years.

Epotec Epoxy for Pools Australia is also used for special variants of concrete and fiberglass swimming pools. Here is a brief description:

Fiberglass lined concrete swimming pool- Concrete swimming pool reinforced with a layer of fiberglass can be upgraded using epotec pool paint. Epotec pool paint is required when the fiberglass lining becomes either detached from the concrete surface or is missing from many places on the concrete. In such a case, waterproofing becomes essential because the concrete becomes exposed to the pool water.

Marblesheen poolsMarblesheen is a mixture of crushed marble chips and white cement. This mixture is applied on the surface of a concrete pool to form a marblesheen pool. Marblesheen finish can develop cracks, stains or even detach from the concrete. Epotec can be used to upgrade marblesheen in such cases.

Pebblecrete pools- Peeblecrete finish is a mixture of pebbles and cement applied on concrete swimming pools. The surface of peeblecrete finish is removed to expose the pebbles. Epotec epoxy painting Sydney can be used for such pools when the pebblecretee finish develop stains, cracks or undergo degradation.


Mode of application

You can either hire a professional Pool painter Perth for applying the coating or use DIY methods.



Epotec epoxy pool paint is suitable for both domestic as well as commercial swimming pools. They come in a plethora of colour shades.

High-grade epoxy paint for fiberglass swimming pools

Epoxy Paints for your Swimming Pool

The inner side of the swimming pools must be coated with waterproof paint. This is important because water present in the swimming pools can penetrate the steel reinforcements of the pool which leads to weakening of the entire structure of the swimming pool. The coating of waterproof paint prevents water from damaging the structure of the pool by not allowing it to reach the steel reinforcements.

There are many kinds of paints for pool waterproofing, but epoxy paint coatings are considered the best and highly efficient for swimming pools. This is because pool-grade epoxy coatings are tailor-made for water and are highly resistant to UV rays of the sun, chlorine and other chemicals mixed in the pool water to keep it healthy and hygienic. Epotech is a high-grade epoxy paint which is available only with specialist epoxy paint suppliers.

Coating for fiberglass swimming pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are superior in terms of quality as compared to the conventional concrete and vinyl pools. The fiberglass swimming pools feature layers of fiber glass strands and resin. The resin is unsaturated polyester which is used in the formation of hard and strong semitransparent structure of the swimming pools. The thickness of the structure can be anything between 5 and 15mm. Fiberglass swimming pools are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes. Fiberglass swimming pools can wear out with the passage of time due to osmosis, algae growth, etc. There is appearance of black spots on the walls of the pools. This threatens the integrity of the pool structure and requires immediate repairs.

The pools need to be emptied and repaired. Thereafter, it is a good idea to apply a thick coating of Epotec epoxy paint for fiberglass. Resurfacing with Epotec provides an impenetrable barrier for the pool water which lasts for 7-14 years. The epoxy paint adheres well to the surface and forms a stable surface. Two coats of epoxy paint need to be applied on the surface with 5-7 days curing period. Epotec epoxy paint has been specially designed for swimming pools.

The surface needs to be prepared before applying epoxy coating. This is important because there may be areas on the surface with non-reacted styrene which adversely affects the adhesion of the epoxy coating. Thus, such areas need to be prepared thoroughly before applying epoxy paint. The beneficial epoxy paint uses for fiberglass swimming pools can only be obtained if the coating is applied using the correct procedure. The life of the coating also depends on the thickness of the coat. Greater the thickness, more is the life of the epoxy barrier.

Worn out fiberglass swimming pools need to be repaired thoroughly before applying epoxy paint. The various features of repairing include elimination of osmosis, structural repairs, repairing of worn-out gel coat, bracing the pool, resurfacing and much more. Fiberglass swimming pools which are extremely worn out and not in usable condition need to be replaced because not even epoxy coating can save the integrity of such pools in the long run.


The epoxy paint prices depend upon the litres/gallons of the paint required for the swimming pool which, in turn, depends upon the dimensions of the pool such as length, breadth and depth. People can choose to apply the coating themselves or hire a professional applicator for the job. Enlisting the services of a professional add to the total cost.

Best Paint for Concrete Swimming Pools

Best Paint for Concrete Swimming Pools

Painting your swimming pool can make brighter a plaster pool finish by coating it with an approximately ceramic-like surface. Underwater pool paints have come a long way in the last 50 years when pool painting was a yearly task. Rubber Based pool paints, not known for durability or low VOC, was lathered on each year. Pool paint comes in many different colors & is a reasonably priced coating compared to other surfaces. In fact, there are many different types of swimming pool paint you can buy but epoxy is the best paint for concrete pools.

If your pool is a concrete or plaster surface that has been painted, you’ll likely want to re-paint the pool within some years. As underwater pool paints age, they wear loose or thin their bond & flake or peel.

But before you just slap any old pool paint on the pool surface, you have to know what was used before. Epoxy pool paints are compatible only with Epoxy paint.

As we know choosing the right paint for your swimming pool can be complicated but we can explain to you how the epoxy paint is best for concrete swimming pools:

Epoxy swimming pool paints are usually the most durable (lifespan of five to seven years) & suitable for swimming pool applications. This type of paint includes two parts, the resin & hardener. Most epoxies mix at a rate of one to one to form a resin.

Here are some advantages of epoxy swimming pool paints:

  • Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint gives you the smoothest surface once cured.
  • Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint is the longest lasting of all of the pool paints, with an average Pool Guard EHB service life of 6-8 years or more.
  • Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint does the best of filling in hairline cracks and small pots in the surface.
  • Epoxy Pool Paint allows 500 square gallon/ feet (on second coats & painted surfaces).
  • Epoxy Pool Paint is the ONLY paint recommended for Fiberglass Pools & Spas.
  • It is the thickest of the paints so if you have an old or rough service, it will do the best at smoothing it out.
  • For commercial pools, the Commercial Type Epoxy (for example the Pool Guard Epoxy) can be used at a moderate price. Service life is lower than the Pool Guard EHB pool paint.
  • 2 Part Epoxy Paints, such as this product from Sun Paints &Epoxy Pool Paints come in many different colors to suit your preference.

It is perfect for those who want the paint with the longest service life (lower maintenance), have an older, rougher concrete surface & you need to fill in hairline pots & cracks, already have epoxy paint on your swimming pool or have a fiberglass.

At Diypoolpaint, The Epotec HiBuild epoxy has proven to be the best, long-term pool paint in Australasia, with over 20 year’s usage. Contact us to buy this long-lasting, proven, seamless, decorative swimming pool paint!

No more worry about your pool painting with Epotec Pool Paintings from Diy Pool Paint

Epotec Pool Paintings from Diy Pool Paint
Pools Painted with Sky color.

If anybody wants to get maximum enjoyment from their swimming pool, they have to keep it in feet condition. It not only involves pumps, water, and filter to be taken care of; but also the painting that increases the beauty of pool enhancing its acceptability. Diy Pool Paint offers a numerous number of swimming pool paint that gives the maximal longevity to pool paintings. It’s Epotec Epoxy pool coating can benefit pool painting maximum with its lasting effect of 6-8 years or more than that.  This thickest pool painting can smoothen well to the previously applied rough paintings. Airline cracks in the surface of the pool and small pots are supremely cured by this Epoxy coating. It offers the smoothest surface of all kind of pool paint. Diy Pool Paint’s Epotec Epoxy Pool paintings being 98% solid it proffers thickness of around 320 microns while it is up to 150-200 microns for other paintings available in the market. By this way, it’s making a difference in the existing paint market and it is one step advanced to all other paintings. It is the best product for using on commercial, community, thermal pool and spa. Epotec Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint proffers clean service very easily minimizing the labor cost and money. Various Color can be obtained from Diy Pool Paint’s extended range of colors that includes Sky, Bondi, Tasman, Pacific, Pale Jade, Sherwood Green, Chamois, Gardenia, Slate Grey and so on. It bears supreme decorative, seamless and long-lasting effect that becomes very easy to clean pool surface. It’s providing required help in doing the paint of pool by the owner’s themselves at the maximum possible way. This service is called Do It Yourself (DIY) which is the unique services presented by Diy Pool Paint. Epotec is the best and advanced Epoxy Swimming Pool Painting that offers premier service for filling up the hairline cracks and pots on the surface of the pool. With the application of Epotec Epoxy coating, the pool surface becomes more attractive, decorative and smooth that had never been before. It is presenting more durability with just 2 coat of its use while it is required 3 coats for other paint products available in the market to bring the same thickness. This specially designed swimming pool painting restricts exceptionally the surface affection caused by chlorine, Chemical, and UV rays. A special formulation of it’s making keeps algae away from the surface of the pool and it is no more affected by oil and stain. The Epotec Epoxy pool painting is the optimal solution for getting the enduring effect to pool paintings with the bottom level cost. Its lasting effect removes the necessity of re-coating again and again. The Epoxy pool paint comes with warranty when it is applied through approved applicators. Diy Pool paint extends its services through advice, inspection, questioning which is completely free of cost. After applying the Epoxy coating the pool owner need not be worried about its maintenance for a long period of time. The Epotec coating from Diy Pool Paint is almost 100 percent solid and has no thinners or any kind of solvent. Therefore it does not evaporate in the air and stays almost completely under the water surface while other pool paints remain about 50 percent on the pool surface on which it is applied.