Some important facts about epotec epoxy paint

Epotec epoxy paint
Epotec epoxy paint

Epotec is not a conventional epoxy paint as the ones used for painting floors, steel surfaces, etc. It is a pool grade epoxy paint which can remain immersed in water for long periods of time without disintegrating. The paint is also not affected by UV rays of the sun, chemicals, body fats, lotions, etc. Hence, epotec is the ideal epoxy paint for waterproofing the inner walls of swimming pools. This is a high grade paint which should be purchased from only specialist epotec epoxy paint suppliers Sydney. Whether you have a concrete swimming pool or fiberglass swimming pool for domestic or commercial use, epotec epoxy paint coating is the best choice for waterproofing.

How does it provide waterproofing?

Let us take the example of concrete swimming pools. Waterproofing the inner walls of the pool is necessary during concrete swimming pool construction. This is because pool water invading the concrete walls of the pool causes corrosion of the steel reinforcements of the pool along with other damages such as concrete cancer. Therefore, the walls need to be waterproofed. Epotec concrete swimming pool paint coating forms an impermeable barrier over the concrete surface which does not allow pool water to leak through the inner walls. Epotec forms a hard wearing coat which lasts for 7-14 years. Thus, it is a highly efficient concrete swimming pool coating Sydney.

Epotec coating also prevents the development of hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is caused when the concrete mass is in direct contact with liquid water. Hydrostatic pressure causes many capillaries to be created in the concrete through which liquid water moves inside the concrete. Coating the concrete surface with epotec prevents any such problem.

Apart from concrete swimming pools, epotec epoxy paint Sydney is also suitable for waterproofing fiberglass swimming pools.

What is surface preparation?

Surface preparation means making the surface suitable for epotec application. There are many measures which need to be implemented prior to epotec application.

  • The surface needs to be cleaned properly. For this, the surface must be washed with detergent. Acid must never be used for cleaning the surface.


  • Defective areas must be repaired. Various defects include blisters, softness, worn out areas, etc. The materials used for repairing the defects must be suitable for water immersion. Epoxy filler is available for filling up holes in concrete swimming pools.


  • Surface moisture needs to be removed before epotec application.

What are the points to remember during application?

  • Epotec must not be applied If the surface temperature falls below 13 degree Celsius . The surface temperature is different from air temperature and can be checked using an infrared thermometer.


  • The task of applying the paint coating must be finished by 12 noon in summers and 1 pm in winters. This is because the epotec paint must be cured before evening dew starts affecting it.


  • The ideal temperature for application of epotec is 15-28 degree Celsius. Warm and sunny day is highly appropriate for application.


  • The surface must be covered properly in case of rains. If the epotec coating gets wet during the curing period, a whitish spot appears on it. Although, the whitish spot does not affect the curing process, it certainly does not make for good aesthetics.



Epotec is available in many attractive colours. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. Hence, epotec coating has become more popular than other waterproof finishes.

Various aspects of Epotec epoxy pool paint NSW

Epotec epoxy pool paint NSW
Epotec epoxy pool paint NSW

Paint is considered far better for waterproofing the inner surface of swimming pools as compared to tiles, rendered finish and other types of waterproofing. Epoxy paint coating is, therefore, the most appropriate option for pool waterproofing. Epotec is an epoxy concrete swimming pool paint NSW used to protect the steel reinforcements featuring in concrete swimming pools against water damage. Similarly, Epotec is also an Epoxy Paint for Fiberglass Australia used for waterproofing the gel coats of fiberglass swimming pools. Epotec has proved to be long lasting and highly effective waterproofing solution for swimming pools.

How to mix epotec?

The epotec epoxy pool paint NSW come in the form of a pack containing two tins. One can of 500ml capacity contains 0.5kg hardener while the other can of 4 L capacity contains 2.5kg of resin. The hardener is put inside the can 4L can containing resin. Thereafter, both are mixed using a plastic hand mixer. The mixing is done slowly. The hardener mixes with the resin thoroughly after about 2-3 minutes. The mixing is stopped once a uniform colour is obtained.

How to apply Epotec?

Epotec can be best applied using rollers. Professional Pool painter Perth can be hired for the job or one can do it without professional help. Prior to applying epotec, the surface must be cleaned with water and detergent to remove dirt and oils. Acid should never be used to clean the surface. Soft, blistered and worn out areas must be repaired before applying epotec. The process of applying the coating must commence in the morning so that it is cured before evening. This is important because dew in the evening causes a white bloom to appear on the coating.

The eptoec mixture must be allowed to stand for 20 minutes before application. In winters, the time duration is 30 minutes. The thickness of the coating should be even at all the areas because the strength of the coating is determined by the thickness. A non-slip finish can be imparted to the coating. This is particularly useful for steps and ramps. For this, washed beach sand is put on the first coat of paint and allowed to cure for the night. Thereafter, the loose sand is swept away and a second coat is applied.

A tent can be constructed over the pool if the painting is being done during the rainy season or winter. The tent must have strong poles which do not collapse in the face of strong winds.

After the coating has been applied, it is necessary for 5 days to elapse before filling the pool with water and adding chemicals.

How to repair Epotec?

Epotec Epoxy for Pools Australia can get damaged on rare occasions due to hydrostatic pressure, osmosis or some other kind of mechanical damage. Both standard and touch-up packs of epotec can be used for recoating the damaged areas. Epotec can be repaired without emptying the swimming pool. The roller or brush loaded with epotec must be put in a plastic bag before taking it inside the pool to the damaged location.

Colours available

Epotec epoxy painting Sydney is available in a multitude of colour shades such as sky blue, royal blue, opal, slate grey, aqua, chamois, white, black and many more.



Ease of application, superior characteristics and a range of colours and styles makes epotec epoxy pool paint a suitable choice for customers.

Features of Waterproofing with epoxy for pools

Waterproofing with epoxy

Paint is an excellent option for waterproofing the inner surfaces of swimming pools. This is because paint finishing has a smooth surface which is not hard on the skin of the swimmers and is easy to clean and maintain. Epotec epoxy for pools is a pool grade epoxy paint which can withstand not only the water of the swimming pool but also the purifying chemicals present in it such as chlorine. Eoptec epoxy paint does not allow water molecules to pass through it and provides waterproofing.

Why waterproofing is essential?

Water invades the inner surface of a concrete swimming pool and reaches the steel reinforcements used in its structure. This causes corrosion of the steel work and other kinds of water damage. Consequently, the shell of the swimming pool is badly damaged leading to costly repairs.

In case of fiberglass swimming pools, the fiberglass shell can be damaged by water invasion if the gel coat fails to stop water penetration. Gel coat is the name given to the inner surface of fiberglass swimming pools. Worn out or damaged gel coat become permeable to water.

Thus, waterproofing the inner surface of both concrete and fiberglass swimming pools is essential. Epotec epoxy paint is the best option for waterproofing.

Epotec for concrete swimming pools

Epotec epoxy paint should be used for waterproofing at the time of concrete swimming pool repairs. The paint attaches to the concrete surface chemically and remains intact for at least 7-10 years. The paint is inert and cannot be removed by chemicals. It is completely impermeable to water.

Epotec epoxy paint for concrete is also suitable for fiberglass lined concrete pools. Fiberglass can become detached from the concrete or wear out with time. In such cases, epoxy paint can be used for waterproofing.

Other types of concrete swimming pools for which epoxy paint can be used are as follows.

  • Concrete pool with marblesheen finish– Marblesheen is a mixture of white cement and crushed marble chips. Marblesheen finish can crack, wear out, develop rust staining and can detach completely from the concrete.
  • Concrete pool with pebblecrete finish– Pebblecrete is a mixture of cement and special pebbles. This type of finish can also wear out or develop cracks.

Epotec for fiberglass swimming pools

A fiberglass ground swimming pool has an inner surface called gel coat. The gel coat tends to get infested with algae, develop osmosis spots and undergo general wear and tear after about 10-15 years.  As a result, the water of the pool is no longer barred by it from reaching the outer semitransparent structure of the swimming pool. Therefore, the gel coat needs to be upgraded with epoxy paint for fiberglass swimming pools. Epoxy paint forms a hard coating which lasts for a maximum of 14 years. Resurfacing with epoxy must be done only after repairing the gel coat, repairing the structure if damaged, bracing the pool if needed, etc.

Eoptec expoxy paint should be applied with the assistance of professional fiberglass pool repair contractors if you do not have adequate knowledge and skills regarding fiberglass swimming pools.

Selection of colours

A variety of epotec epoxy paint colours are available for swimming pools. Some examples are black, dark blue, light blue, opal, chamois and much more.



Epotec epoxy paint should be cared for well by regularly cleaning the pool, removing calcium build ups, correctly mixing the pool chemicals and taking other precautions.

No more worry about your pool painting with Epotec Pool Paintings from Diy Pool Paint

Epotec Pool Paintings from Diy Pool Paint
Pools Painted with Sky color.

If anybody wants to get maximum enjoyment from their swimming pool, they have to keep it in feet condition. It not only involves pumps, water, and filter to be taken care of; but also the painting that increases the beauty of pool enhancing its acceptability. Diy Pool Paint offers a numerous number of swimming pool paint that gives the maximal longevity to pool paintings. It’s Epotec Epoxy pool coating can benefit pool painting maximum with its lasting effect of 6-8 years or more than that.  This thickest pool painting can smoothen well to the previously applied rough paintings. Airline cracks in the surface of the pool and small pots are supremely cured by this Epoxy coating. It offers the smoothest surface of all kind of pool paint. Diy Pool Paint’s Epotec Epoxy Pool paintings being 98% solid it proffers thickness of around 320 microns while it is up to 150-200 microns for other paintings available in the market. By this way, it’s making a difference in the existing paint market and it is one step advanced to all other paintings. It is the best product for using on commercial, community, thermal pool and spa. Epotec Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint proffers clean service very easily minimizing the labor cost and money. Various Color can be obtained from Diy Pool Paint’s extended range of colors that includes Sky, Bondi, Tasman, Pacific, Pale Jade, Sherwood Green, Chamois, Gardenia, Slate Grey and so on. It bears supreme decorative, seamless and long-lasting effect that becomes very easy to clean pool surface. It’s providing required help in doing the paint of pool by the owner’s themselves at the maximum possible way. This service is called Do It Yourself (DIY) which is the unique services presented by Diy Pool Paint. Epotec is the best and advanced Epoxy Swimming Pool Painting that offers premier service for filling up the hairline cracks and pots on the surface of the pool. With the application of Epotec Epoxy coating, the pool surface becomes more attractive, decorative and smooth that had never been before. It is presenting more durability with just 2 coat of its use while it is required 3 coats for other paint products available in the market to bring the same thickness. This specially designed swimming pool painting restricts exceptionally the surface affection caused by chlorine, Chemical, and UV rays. A special formulation of it’s making keeps algae away from the surface of the pool and it is no more affected by oil and stain. The Epotec Epoxy pool painting is the optimal solution for getting the enduring effect to pool paintings with the bottom level cost. Its lasting effect removes the necessity of re-coating again and again. The Epoxy pool paint comes with warranty when it is applied through approved applicators. Diy Pool paint extends its services through advice, inspection, questioning which is completely free of cost. After applying the Epoxy coating the pool owner need not be worried about its maintenance for a long period of time. The Epotec coating from Diy Pool Paint is almost 100 percent solid and has no thinners or any kind of solvent. Therefore it does not evaporate in the air and stays almost completely under the water surface while other pool paints remain about 50 percent on the pool surface on which it is applied.