High-grade epoxy paint for fiberglass swimming pools

Epoxy Paints for your Swimming Pool

The inner side of the swimming pools must be coated with waterproof paint. This is important because water present in the swimming pools can penetrate the steel reinforcements of the pool which leads to weakening of the entire structure of the swimming pool. The coating of waterproof paint prevents water from damaging the structure of the pool by not allowing it to reach the steel reinforcements.

There are many kinds of paints for pool waterproofing, but epoxy paint coatings are considered the best and highly efficient for swimming pools. This is because pool-grade epoxy coatings are tailor-made for water and are highly resistant to UV rays of the sun, chlorine and other chemicals mixed in the pool water to keep it healthy and hygienic. Epotech is a high-grade epoxy paint which is available only with specialist epoxy paint suppliers.

Coating for fiberglass swimming pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are superior in terms of quality as compared to the conventional concrete and vinyl pools. The fiberglass swimming pools feature layers of fiber glass strands and resin. The resin is unsaturated polyester which is used in the formation of hard and strong semitransparent structure of the swimming pools. The thickness of the structure can be anything between 5 and 15mm. Fiberglass swimming pools are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes. Fiberglass swimming pools can wear out with the passage of time due to osmosis, algae growth, etc. There is appearance of black spots on the walls of the pools. This threatens the integrity of the pool structure and requires immediate repairs.

The pools need to be emptied and repaired. Thereafter, it is a good idea to apply a thick coating of Epotec epoxy paint for fiberglass. Resurfacing with Epotec provides an impenetrable barrier for the pool water which lasts for 7-14 years. The epoxy paint adheres well to the surface and forms a stable surface. Two coats of epoxy paint need to be applied on the surface with 5-7 days curing period. Epotec epoxy paint has been specially designed for swimming pools.

The surface needs to be prepared before applying epoxy coating. This is important because there may be areas on the surface with non-reacted styrene which adversely affects the adhesion of the epoxy coating. Thus, such areas need to be prepared thoroughly before applying epoxy paint. The beneficial epoxy paint uses for fiberglass swimming pools can only be obtained if the coating is applied using the correct procedure. The life of the coating also depends on the thickness of the coat. Greater the thickness, more is the life of the epoxy barrier.

Worn out fiberglass swimming pools need to be repaired thoroughly before applying epoxy paint. The various features of repairing include elimination of osmosis, structural repairs, repairing of worn-out gel coat, bracing the pool, resurfacing and much more. Fiberglass swimming pools which are extremely worn out and not in usable condition need to be replaced because not even epoxy coating can save the integrity of such pools in the long run.


The epoxy paint prices depend upon the litres/gallons of the paint required for the swimming pool which, in turn, depends upon the dimensions of the pool such as length, breadth and depth. People can choose to apply the coating themselves or hire a professional applicator for the job. Enlisting the services of a professional add to the total cost.

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