High-grade epotec paint coating for swimming pools

High-grade epotec paint coating
High-grade epotec paint coating

Tiles and other types of finishes for swimming pools do not match the quality of epoxy paint coatings for swimming pools. The epotec epoxy paint coating not only protects the subsurface of the pool against water damage caused due to prolonged exposure to water but also prevents algae and other kinds of contamination from accumulating on the surface. The epoxy paint coating is also devoid of sharp edges and rough surfaces which may cause injury to the swimmers. Epotec epoxy paint coating is also available in a number of colours and designs.

Types of swimming pools covered

Concrete- Epotec epoxy concrete swimming pool coating Sydney prevents the pool water from invading the steel reinforcements that feature in the structure of all concrete pools. Water invasion leads to what is called concrete cancer and corrosion of the steel reinforcements. Thus, it is imperative to protect the structure of the concrete swimming pool against the ill effects of water. The chemical resistant property of the epotcec epoxy pool paint also makes it immune against the harmful effects of the chemicals such as chlorine commonly added to the water of a swimming pool.

Concrete swimming pools with different finishes can also be upgraded using epoxy paint coating. Two examples have been mentioned here.

Concrete swimming pools with pebblecrete finishing can be upgraded with epotec epoxy paint coating. Pebblecrete is a mixture of pebbles and white cement which is applied on the surface of concrete swimming pools. The surface layer of cement is removed using acid or a blast of water to expose the pebbles. The pebbles develop cracks and black stains due to wear and tear over the years. The pebbles can also detach completely. Upgrading the pebblecrete finish with epotec epoxy coating not only improves the level of water protection but also makes the finish long lasting and much smoother.

Concrete swimming pools with marblesheen finishing can also be upgraded with epotec expoxy paint coating. Many concrete swimming pools feature marblesheen finishing. Marblesheen is a mixture featuring crushed marble chips and white cement which is applied on the surface of a concrete swimming pool. The thickness can vary between 5mm and 20mm. Marblesheen can also undergo wear and tear and consequently degrade with the passage of time. The epotec epoxy coating reinforces the strength of the marblesheen finish and gives a long lasting and smooth surface.

Fiberglass- The fiberglass pools have a finished inner surface known as gel coat. The gel coat provides an impregnable barrier which cannot be penetrated by the pool water to enter the shell and other structures of the pool. However, the gel coat becomes weak within 10 or more because of osmosis damage, algae growth and general wear and tear. Black spots also develop on the gel coat. In such cases, epotec epoxy fiberglass pool paint can be used to resurface the fiberglass swimming pool after carrying out the repairs on the gel coat. This high-grade coating provides a hard and smooth finish for 7-14 years without the need to recoat.

Apart from conventional fiberglass pools, epotec epoxy paint coating can also be used to upgrade concrete swimming pools lined with fiberglass. Fiberglass layer of a concrete swimming pool can wear out and even detach from the concrete. Epoxy paint coating restores the effectiveness of the finish.



Thus, we can see that epotec epoxy paint coating is versatile in action when it comes to swimming pools. The advanced characteristics and ease of application also make it an excellent choice for pool protection.

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