Now Do It Yourself (DIY), Epotec Epoxy, Save money, Get Lasing Effect


Pools painted with Royal Blue – Pacific color

With the Epoxy coating from Diy Pool Paint now it’s coming more durability to your pool paintings. It last a longer life of an average of 6-8 years and no maintenance is required in this duration. The thickest pool paint can smoothen previous painting providing a new life to your pool.  Diy Pool is bringing Epotec Epoxy Coating which a high build Epoxy coating. It provides maximum thicknesses and results enhancing the durability of the painting pool. Just apply 2 coats of it a greater lifeline can be provided to pool paintings.  Epoxy Pool Painting is the only pool paint for fiberglass pool or spa where Acrylic Swimming Pool paint and Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint can’t be used. Epotec is the best and advanced Epoxy Swimming Pool Painting that offers premier service for filling up the hairline cracks and pots on the surface of the pool. Do It Yourself is (DIY) the unique features of service that are provided by us. In this facility, we assist in a painting of pool to the owners at the maximum possible way to paint their pool by themselves. This Epoxy Pool Painting comes in varieties of colors which make pools more attractive than before. This Epoxy pool paint is the most resisting paints for protecting your pool surface from chemicals, algae, dirt and dust, oils and UV rays. The Epotec Epoxy pool painting makes most concrete to your pool paints with lasting effect. This painting prepares pool more decorative, shinning and seamless which becomes easy to clean at any time. Diy pool paints are coming with numerous range of color that consists with Sky(Light Blue), Bondi (Mid Blue), Tasman (Dark Blue), Royal Blue (Pacific), Aqua, Pale Jade, Opal, Chamois, Gardenia and so on. This color becomes more attractive when it is painted on pools due to the internal reflection of the colors of sky and sunlight are reflected on the surface, increases its intensity. Epotec is a high fabricating coat that issues paramount thickness with only two coats to build long lasting life whereas other coats require three coats to bring the same thickness and lasting life. Diy Pool Paint is making a difference in terms of the thickness of the paint they are presenting. It’s Epotec Epoxy Pool Paint being 98 % solid proffers thickness of around 320 microns while it is up to 150-200 microns for other pool paintings. It efficiently cures the damp surface of the pool and brings a new life to it. No solvent can affect the Epotec Epoxy coating. It can be easily mixed up and be applied by roller. The pool coating requires less maintenance for a longer period of time. Epotec can give clean surface very easily decreasing labor cost and money. It removes the requirement of recoating again and again. Epotec Epoxy coating is a specially formulated high build coating that comes with warranty when it is applied to approve applicators. This formidable pool painting offers non-slip finish to ramps and steps which has been using over 25 years in Australian Market. It is an ideal concrete swimming pool coating for Olympic, community, thermal pool and spas. This can be obtained in 12 different colors even in the color of designer’s choice. Any pool painted by Rubber Pool Paint can be renovated with the Epotec pool painting as it can save money regarding emptying, refilling, recoating and for chemical purchases. The services that are provided by us include advice, inspection, quotations and all this is coming free of cost.

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